Chanukah, The Festival of Lights, begins this year on Sunday night, November 26. This joyous holiday commemorates the miracle of a small group of dedicated Jews–the Macabees–defeating the superhuman strength of the Greek army and reclaiming the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. When they attempted to kindle the Menorah in the Temple, all they found was a small bottle of olive oil, presumably enough for one day. That one-day supply lasted for eight days. Thus, in perpetuity, Jews light the Chanukah Menorah each year for eight evenings to honor this overwhelming miracle! Kids play with Dreidels and fried foods are enjoyed by all. Of course, it’s also time to Party! And the Cruger Avenue Synagogue is known for having the most spectacular Chanukah Party in the Bronx–and maybe all of New York!

This year is no different. All are invited to join us at our 2021 Chanukah Party on Tuesday, November 30, beginning at 4 pm. There will be traditional Chanukah foods, like potato latkes and jelly donuts, plus fried chicken and other delicacies. Better yet, bond with your neighbors as we have a community candle lighting. There will also be live music, a dreidel competition for the kids and many other surprises. Best of all, the party is FREE OF CHARGE! So let’s all remember this great miracle as we celebrate Chanukah together!


  1. My whole life, My mom Julie Ann, always taught us there is only one G—D. No others before or after. I’m a 56 year old grandmother and I’ve taught my only child and my grandchildren the same and talk to them of our G-D of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the many commandments and laws. I tried my first Passover Seder plate and had my grandchildren were involved. Even though it wasn’t anywhere near even good, we felt great and so humbled. I would love to come to synagogue with my two grandchildren as we’ve never been.


      1. Oh, thank you so much! I can’t wait and can’t wait to tell my grandchildren! This will be the happiest time of my life!


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