The Jewish month of Sivan is hallowed because we embrace the Yom Tov (holiday) of Shavuot. It commemorates the day the Torah was given on Mount Sinai. It is said that all Jews alive at the time–indeed every Jewish Neshama (soul)–heard the Ten Commandments being read. G-d, Himself, spoke the fist two commandments, but when His presence was too much for the people to bear, Moses finished the recitation. Ever since, Jews gather in synagogues the world over to hear the Torah read on Shavuot. It’s also customary to eat dairy food on the holiday, since the Torah is likened to milk and honey.

This year, Shavuot is even more special since the second day coincides with Shabbat. On that second day (Saturday), Yiskor is recited in memory of departed loved ones. We urge you to join us for Yom Tov and Shabbat services. Please also partake in the joy of the holiday by attending our Shavuot celebration Friday morning after services. We’ll offer a veritable feast of kosher dairy food, topped off by assorted cheesecakes, ice cream and old-fashioned egg creams! Of course, as always, the party and religious services are free of charge!

Shavuot/Shabbat Schedule:

Thursday, May 25: 8 pm

Friday, May 26: Morning Service @10 am; Party @ 12 noon; Evening Service @ 8 pm

Saturday, May 27: Morning Service @ 10 am; Yiskor @ 11 am; Evening Service @ 8 pm

Shavuot & Shabbat conclude @ 9:06 pm

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