The holiday of Shavuot commemorates the greatest event in the history of man–the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people! Every Jew alive–and every Jewish neshama (soul)–gathered at Mount Sinai and heard the Ten Commandments being read by Moses (though G-d Himself read the first two commandments out loud). All of Earth (humans and animals alike) stood in complete silence as the Torah was given to G-d’s Chosen! Indeed, time itself stood still! Ever since, Jews remember this momentous occasion every year with the yom tov (holiday) of Shavuot.

It is customary to hear the Ten Commandments read in synagogue. All the laws of Shabbos (except being able to cook from a pre-existing flame) are followed on Shavuot. On the second day of the hoiday, Yiskor (memorial for the departed) is recited. It’s also customary to eat dairy foods, since the Torah is compared to milk, which nourishes and sustains.

As always, the Cruger Avene Synagogue is open to help congregants (and all Jews) fulfill the obligations of the holiday. Come to services, hear the Ten Commandments, plus partake in our special Shavuot Sunday Brunch Party. Of course, all activities are free of charge!

Shabbos/Shavuot Schedule:

Friday, June 3: Shabbos Evening Service @7:45 pm

Saturday, June 4: Shabbos Morning Service@9:30 am

Shabbos Afternoon/Shavuot Evening Service@8:15 pm

Sunday, June 5: Shavuot Morning Service@10 am

Sunday Brunch Party@12 noon

Shavuot Evening Service@8:15 pm

Monday, June 6: Shavuot Morning Service@10 am

Yiskor@11:30 am

Shavuot Evening Service@8 pm

Holiday Concludes@9:14 pm


  1. Can I and my grandchildren come to service although we’ve never been? My mom taught me of Judaism and I try my best to teach my daughter and grandchildren. There is only one G-D, the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we know this. I, with my grandchildren would love to come to service at your synagogue. Can we just come walk in? I’ve asked before but really wanted to make sure it’s ok to pray there. Thank you.


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