The High Holy Days are once again upon us. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins a ten day period of personal introspection–culminating in Yom Kippur– and a longing to be better Jews (and people) than we were the year before. Hashem, the Almighty, opens the “Book of Life” and decides our fate. The Shofar is sounded and, while it is inspiring to listen to, it’s actually meant to be a call to action, to know to whom we must answer and understand we must conduct our lives in an appropriate manner. Our sages tell us three things avert the severe decree–Teshuvah (repentance or return), Tefilah (prayer) and Tzedakah (charity). As you act toward your fellow and unto G-d is how Hashem will act toward you! So we ask you to come worship with us. United, as one, surely the Lord will hear the pleas of our Neshamas (souls).

Once again, the Cruger Avenue Synagogue is pleased to announce we are offering FREE Rosh Hashanah services–no ticket needed (as in most synagogues)! Plus, we are providing Community Rosh Hashanah Dinners for both evenings of the holiday–FREE OF CHARGE to all! Of course, there will also be hot kiddush lunches on both days, following morning services. A world-class Cantor, Marc Leiberman, along with our esteemed Rabbi, Aaron Ravitz, will be conducting the services, which will surely send your spirits soaring Heavenward! We look forward to seeing you!


Sunday, September 25: 6:45 pm; Dinner immediately following

Monday, September 26: 10 am; Kiddush lunch following

6:30 pm; Dinner following

Tuesday, September 27: 10 am; Kiddush lunch following

6:30 pm

Holiday ends: 7:25 pm


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