The last two days of Sukkot are actually individul holidays–Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah–and are two of the most joyous days on the Jewish calendar. They are considered major Yom Tovs (holidays), and the same laws as Shabbos apply (except for cooking from a pre-existing flame and carrying). Shemini Atzeret offers the prayer for rain and Yiskor (prayer for the departed) is said. Simchat Torah–translated as “Joy of the Torah”–is a day not to be missed! It’s time for the Hafakot! All of the shul’s Torahs are removed from the Ark and the congregants dance around, in unbounded happiness, sharing a mutual love of the Torah. There are few happier moments in the synagogue than this annual outpouring of jubilation! Each male, adult and child, is called to be blessed before the Torah. The Last chapter of the Torah is concluded, then we begin reading it again from the beginning, appropriately enough with Genesis–“In the beginning.”

Please join us for services and festive meals. Of course, as always, services and meals are free of charge to all (although donations are most welcome)!

Shemini Atzeret Schedule:

Sunday, October 16:

Evening Service: 6:15 pm; dinner to follow

Monday, October 17:

Morning Service: 10 am

Yiskor: 11:30 am; lunch to follow

Simchat Torah Schedule:

Monday, October 17:

Evening Service : 6 pm

Hakafot: 6:30 pm; dinner to follow

Tuesday, October 18:

Morning Service: 10 am; lunch to follow

Evening Service: 6 pm

Holiday Ends: 6:52 pm

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