As the High Holy Days approach, and the Almighty judges each one of us, deciding whether we will have a blessed New Year or not, our sages tell us that three things avert the severe decree: repentence, prayer and charity! The first two are between you and G-d. However, by giving charity to a religious institution, you set in motion the most postitive of all mitzvahs! Our small synagogue does its best to meet the needs of the community in every way possible. However, like most Houses of Worship, we struggle to make ends meet! We implore you to send what you can as a tax-deductible donation for the High Holy Days. You can also become a member of our shul for the yearly amount of $175. Your charity should, hopefully, go a long way in G-d being charitable when he judges you for the coming year!

Send your checks or money orders to:

Cruger Avenue Synagogue, 2222 Cruger Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467

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